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Executive Club VIP Program Eligibility and Benefits

Exclusive Membership featuring Business Matchmaking and Upgraded Amenities


Complimentary Upgrade to VIP Executive Club:

Maximize your time out of the office, and receive personalized services and upgraded amenities by requesting an upgrade to VIP Executive Club status when you register. This complimentary upgrade is available to:

  • Building Owners of private property, multi-family residential buildings

  • Managing Agents of Property Management Companies

  • Facility Directors/ Managers: commercial, industrial, institutional, multi-family residential, mixed-use facilities

  • Property Managers and Facility Engineers

  • Sourcing and Purchasing Agents

  • Compliance Officers


Additional Amenities: Executive Club members receive personalized services before, during and after the event, including:

  • Match-making

  • Appointment Setting

  • Ability to have BuildingsNY source and recommend vendors specifically for you

  • Increased ROI on time spent out of the office by comparing and contrasting a few companies at the event in a particular product category, set up for you.


Executive Club Program not applicable for suppliers/ vendors/ consultants to the Buildings Industry.


For any questions, or to pre-qualify for the Executive Club Program, please email

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